Fine Art Motivational Wrestling Posters by Sports Artist Edgar Brown

World renowned sports artist Edgar Brown has just released two motivational wrestling posters titled “Determination” and “Achievement”. These are the first open edition wrestling posters released by the artist. The pieces capture the fortitude of wrestlers achieving success on the mat by immortalizing the feeling of pinning your opponent in a wrestling match.

Within “Determination” and “Achievement,” Edgar Brown portrays the captivating techniques of the athletes and their perseverance to achieve victory. “Determination” features a wrestler working a power half and turning his opponent to his back while “Achievement” exhibits a wrestler successfully locking up a near-side cradle. The Original wrestling paintings were done on canvas utilizing oil and acrylic paints measuring at 24” x 36” in size. Each poster is autographed by the artist and can be purchased in our wrestling posters section

Painting since 1990, Edgar Brown has painted portraits for over 80 professional athletes and has covered a variety of major sporting events including the Hambeltonian, World Series and Super Bowl.

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