Artwork Featured in Randy Couture Book

UFC Fighter Randy “The Natural” Couture

Studying martial arts for many years under Grandmaster Bob Long has made me appreciate the fight game. I am huge fan of the UFC and the former heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture. One of the greatest fights in UFC history was the fight between Randy Couture and Tim “the Maniac” Sylvia which inspired me to create a painting of this historic bout. One of the highlights in my art career was having the painting published in Randy “the Natural” Couture’s New York Times Best Selling book “Becoming the Natural”. Receiving an autographed copy of the book from Randy Couture and Loretta Hunt was extremely cool and is something I will cherish.

I am Looking forward to seeing former UFC Champion, Actor and now Dancing with the Star competitor Randy “The Natural” Couture bring home the trophy…

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